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We provide valuations for antique books, manuscripts, autographs, musical scores, prints, drawings, maps, atlases, photographs, sculptures, antique, modern and contemporary paintings.

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Our professional valuation service is based on the assessment of the condition of the books and artworks and on the analysis of sales results in auctions and specialized catalogs from all over the world. We will provide you with a realistic valuation of your assets with the scope of including them in our next auctions.
We'll get back to you as soon as possible, after having carefully analysed the items you have entrusted us.

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How does the valuation work?

Our experts, following the valuation request, will examine the images sent and provide a response as soon as possible.
The valuation issued on the basis of photographic material and / or from a list, is subject to variation or confirmation after having viewed the original artworks.
This is particularly important for books, whose state of conservation, condition and completeness require a live examination.
Yes, our valuation service is always free.
In addition, the cataloguing and description of the books and other artworks and their photographic reproduction in the auction catalogues is also free of charge.
Yes, our experts are always available to provide valuations for entire artwork collections.
In the case of large collections of books or objects that are difficult to transport we will be happy to arrange a home inspection with the scope of providing an assessment of the whole collection value.
We provide a free of charge valuation for the following types of artworks: books, manuscripts, autographs, musical scores, prints, drawings, maps, atlases, photographs, paintings and sculptures.
Our valuation service has the purpose to include the artworks in our auctions. If the artworks we analyse satisfy the conditions for their sale (completeness, rarity, market value, importance) we will proceed to provide a real market value and include them in our auctions followed by collectors, libraries, national and international museums.
The auction base, also called reserve price, is established on the basis of our professional experience and comparison with historical and current market references, sales in international past auctions and specialised catalogues.
The reserve price is decided prior to the auction, the value below which the asset (the lot) cannot be sold at auction.
If the reserve price is not reached at auction, the lot will remain unsold. There are no costs for the seller when a lot remains unsold at auction.
Once the auction base of an artwork has been agreed upon, a contract called “mandate to sell” is signed between the seller of the goods and the Auction House. The “mandate to sell” indicates the conditions that apply to the assets entrusted for sale at auction to Gonnelli Auction House.
All artworks are photographed and accurately described in our auction catalogues.
The promotion of the lots offered at auction takes place through a paper catalogue that is shipped and distributed all over the world, as well as online promotional campaigns, direct email marketing (newsletter), brochures and other illustrative material.
Also, our auctions are often published, besides on our website, on some of the most important international auction portals.
Once the lots have been bought by the highest bidder at auction, the Auction House will proceed to collect the money and pay the seller for the lots and artworks that have been sold at auction.
The artworks that remained unsold at auction can be purchased to the reserve price indicated in the auction catalogue, for no more than one month from the end of the auction.
Gonnelli Casa d'Aste does not accept a reduction of the reserve price. If unsold after one month after the auction, the artworks must be collected by the seller according to the agreements indicated in the mandate to sell.