Sale Conditions Timed Auctions

Sale Conditions Timed Auctions - Useful information

Gonnelli Timebid

Conditions of Sale for Timed Auctions

The following terms and conditions provide information relating to the service of the auctions called “Gonnelli Timebid”; these terms and conditions are in addition and integration to the "Gonnelli Casa d’Aste Conditions of Sale” and are not intended to replace them, except in the parts explicitly regulated herein. Please read carefully these conditions of sale before participating at Gonnelli Timebid.

By bidding at Gonnelli timed auctions you agree to these terms and conditions and they will become contractually binding on you. Clients are required to read and ensure to have understood all the Gonnelli Auction House Conditions of Sale, published on the website, before participating at Gonnelli Timebid.

Gonnelli Timebid are TIMED AUCTIONS that are held exclusively online on the website without the presence of the auctioneer. In the days preceding the auction, upon appointment, it is possible to view the lots in order to allow a careful and in-depth physical inspection of their authenticity, condition, state of conservation, origin, type and quality of the same, on which only the Bidders and the Buyer assume all risk and responsibility, also for the effects of art. 1488, c. 2, of the Italian Civil Code.

Lots are sold “as is”, in the condition they are in at the time of the sale, without any representation or warranty or assumption of liability of any kind as to condition by Gonnelli or by the seller.

For goods offered for sale at Gonnelli Timebid, the request for the Condition report and additional photographs - other than those published on the website catalogue pages - is not permitted. Therefore, the successful bidder will not be able to contest any errors or inaccuracies in the information contained in the auction catalogue, website description of the lot itself, in the explanatory notes, or any discrepancies between the photographic image and what is exhibited and sold. The goods sold at auction are offered “as is”, without the possibility of dispute after their purchase (or adjudication).

Please note that the unsold goods in Gonnelli Timebid auctions will be immediately withdrawn from the sale and therefore cannot be purchased. To participate in the Gonnelli Timebid online timed auctions, it is necessary to create a “My Gonnelli” account, providing all the information and documents requested, failing which registration will be denied.


For the goods sold through Gonnelli Timebid auctions, the service of requesting export permits is not offered. Foreign customers who wish to export the goods they purchased can address directly to specialised transporters.

Gonnelli Auction House is not responsible in any way for any errors or difficulties that may arise in placing bids over the internet, including and without limitation, errors or failures caused by loss of internet connection, software or computer problems.