Gonnelli Headquarters

“Anyone afraid of change? What else is there more well-suited to universal nature? Could anything that is useful be obtained without change?”

Marcus Aurelius

Starting February 1st we have moved into a brand new location, a big loft that about ten years ago was completely transformed into a contemporary art gallery. A few months ago we bought this loft and renovated it entirely with the purpose of hosting Gonnelli Antique Bookshop.

The choice of a new location is driven by the needs of having at our disposal versatile and functional spaces for our commercial activities, but also by the desire and need of large spaces where to achieve great things, as per our most antique tradition.

The new headquarters of Gonnelli Antique Bookshop Auction House represents not only a place where antique and rare books are sold, but also a place where books and art exhibitions are organised, art events presentations, introductory courses to antique books and graphics, in order to continue our contribution as an art cenacle, as many times in our history the activity of Gonnelli was described.



Gonnelli Antique Bookshop is about to turn 150, from its foundation in 1875 by my great grandfather Luigi Gonnelli. In this one and a half century the Library has gone through two wars, a flood, financial and economic crises, dealing with challenges of changes and balancing the choices between tradition and innovation.

This change is, above all, our response to times that quickly change, to a world coming from the past, but which we feel honoured to protect and support - today and in the future. All this through an antique profession that has the fortune to deal with profound beauty for the eyes and nourishment for the soul.

You may find us in 49 Via Fra’ Giovanni Angelico, we are waiting for you in this new space that, among many beautiful things, has a wonderful light.

Marco G. Manetti
and everyone in Gonnelli
Alessandro Durazzi, Valentina Zacchi, Francesca Zonca, Alessandra Longo, Cecilia Iervolino, Francesca Manfredini, Camilla Marchetti, Giacomo Petrucci, Barbara Manetti, Emanuele Bardazzi, Donatella Cingottini, Laura Nicora