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Selling at auction with Gonnelli is easy and profitable

Here’s a short yet exhaustive guide on the benefits and advantages of selling at auction at Gonnelli Auction House in Florence. The first step in auctioning your goods is their valuation.

Gonnelli offers a free online valuation, a step that is both preparatory and necessary to every other step. Our experts valuate the following types of goods and artworks: books, manuscripts, autographs, musical sheets, prints, drawings, maps, geographic atlases, photographs, paintings and sculptures.

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Make the most of the artworks you possess with Gonnelli

Make the most of the artworks you possess with Gonnelli The first step for selling at auction your goods is their valuation. Our experts will be happy to examine your collections or individual artworks for free, whether they are antique books, prints and works on paper, manuscripts, autographs, paintings or sculptures. The valuation is an attentive result of a professional analysis of the physical condition, author, origin, aesthetic features and other aspects tied to objective factors of the artworks. Moreover, the valuation is based on the current national and international art market indexes that allow us to attribute a reasonable market value to the artwork.
Starting from the observation and study of some parameters such as, the latest sales results in auctions, the proposals of trade fairs, events and specialized catalogs from all over the world, we will agree with you a realistic auction base under which your goods will not be sold. If an agreement that satisfies both parties and your sales expectations is reached, you can decide to entrust us your goods by signing the "Sales Mandate" which governs the agreements between you (Seller) and the agent (Auction House). We’re happy to remind you that the valuation service is totally free with Gonnelli Auction House.

You can contact us either by phone at +39055268279, or by e-mail at auctions@gonnelli.it or by filling out the information request form that can be found in Contact page of this website. The valuation of the artworks released on the basis of the photographic material provided by you and may be subject to variation or confirmation after viewing the original works.


In case of large collections or objects that are difficult to transport, we will be happy to arrange an inspection with you to quote a transportation fee of the artworks to our headquarters in Florence. In the case of voluminous goods, after consultation, we are able to offer you all the assistance necessary to organize the shipment to our office for the purpose of valuation.


Once you have entrusted us an asset in your possession, Gonnelli Auction House studies with care, method and meticulous attention, every aspect of what will later become a lot at auction. We provide value to the artworks entrusted by you by reserving them adequate space in the catalog and promoting them to an audience of customers all over the world, a month before the auction is due to start.

In addition to the paper catalogue, profusely illustrated and accompanied by accurate and detailed descriptions - a distinctive feature of our auction house -, the visibility of your assets is also entrusted to the web catalog that we publish on our website and on the most important international portals in the sector. The most precious and valuable artworks or those of international interest, will be accompanied by detailed description also in English. The cataloguing and lots description service is also a completely free service of the Auction House.


All the goods will be photographed by a professional photographer and will be reproduced in the auction catalog and / or on the online catalog, as well as in specific and targeted mailing lists. Illustrations of particularly important lots will also be used in brochures, in important advertising spaces and in targeted market advertising that will increase the visibility and the possibility of rising the sales value of the artwork. The service is also completely free except in cases where the customer wants to reserve extra advertising space, to be evaluated case by case.


In the event of unsold goods, your artwork may remain available to potential buyers for an additional month starting the end of the auction in which it was initially featured. Gonnelli Auction House guarantees full visibility to unsold lots both through the Bookstore and through our website, offering you a further valuable possibility of selling the artworks.


The percentage on the sale price due to Gonnelli Casa d'Aste cannot be more than 16% but is foreseen, for particular collections, on subsidized commissions. To this percentage must be added the insurance fee: your works will be insured by us from the moment they leave your home.

The insurance service, which no other intermediary provides at a percentage lower than 1% will be equally divided between the seller and Gonnelli Casa d'Aste and will be equal to 0.5% of the reserve price, whatever the final sale. The commission indicated in the “Mandate to sell” will be the only expense you will have towards us. In order to offer you an efficient, reliable and competent service, Gonnelli Auction House guarantees transparent commissions, without hidden costs or unpleasant clauses.


After the auction ended, any unsold artwork can then be purchased at the amount indicated in the catalog, without price reductions. After 30 days starting the auction end day, Gonnelli Auction House staff will contact you to agree on how to return to you the unsold artworks. In the event that you are unable to come and collect them, Gonnelli Casa d'Aste will take care of organizing the shipment of the material to your home with methods and costs to be defined case by case. The unsold items must, in any case, be collected no later than 40 days after the auction ends, otherwise fees for storage and deposit costs will be charged to the owner.


At the end of the auction sale session, you will receive a prospectus informing you of the price that your item achieved at auction, which will be subject to change in the event of post-auction sales.

Within 40 days of the sale you will then be contacted by our staff to agree on the methods of payment and return of the unsold lots. Gonnelli Auction House undertakes to pay the Seller the amount due from 40 days after the end of the auction, subject to collection by the Buyer. The timing is subject to change if the buyer is a foreign citizen as the completion of the sale is delayed by the procedures for issuing export permits that depend on the offices of the competent Superintendencies. At the time of the payment of the amount due, a tax document will be issued which will report, in detail, all the auction prices achieved by your goods as well as the commissions due to the Auction House.