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Nobel per la Letteratura

Eliot Thomas Stearns

Lettera dattiloscritta con firma autografa inviata al teorico del fascismo James Strachey Barnes.

Datata 29 novembre 1928

1 carta scritta recto e verso. Dattiloscritto e firma a inchiostro nero su carta intestata “The Monthly / Criterion”. Dimensioni: 265x205 mm.

“I am writing to you in a great rush. Mary sent my your essay day before yesterday […]. I like it very much […]. What I should like to do would be to have it in my hands for a couple of weeks and submit it to someone who knows much more about aesthetics, and about Maritain’s theory of art, than I do. […] I send you herewith proof of a superficial article of my own […]”.

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