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'Among the most artistic anatomical atlases of the period'

Cowper William

Myotomia reformata: or an anatomical treatise on the muscles of the human body. Illustrated with figures after the life.

London: printed for Robert Knaplock, and William and John Innys; and Jacob Tonson, 1724.

In-folio (mm 405x285). Pagine [12], LXXXVII, [1], 194 senza l'ultima carta bianca. Con 1 antiporta e 67 tavole numerate I-LXVI (la XIII bis) incise in rame. Molte figure anatomiche e di schemi nel testo, anche a mezza pagina, oltre a testatine, capilettera e finalini a soggetto anatomico, il tutto calcografico. Uno strappo riparato a una tavola e altre minime mende marginali. Legatura moderna in piena pelle con titoli dorati al dorso.

Prima edizione in-folio, notevolmente ampliata soprattutto nell'apparato iconografico rispetto alla prima, stampata in-8° e con un corredo di sole 10 figure: «Although it was meant to be a second edition of the 1694 issue, the present work is an entirely new publication. Edited by Richard Mead, it has been greatly expanded and enlarged. It now contains more than sixty well-executed copperplates and a lengthy introduction concerning the muscles and their action» (Heirs of Hippocrates 723); Choulant 253; Garrison-Morton 392.1: «This sumptuous folio with engravings after Rubens and Raphael and an ingenious set of historiated initials ranks among the most artistic anatomical atlases of the period»; Osler 2384; Wellcome III, 401.

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