Export Licence - Updated March 2022

How we will manage your international shipment  

This is a brief summary of the way we will take care of your international shipment. Please read it carefully so you will know what to expect in the days following the auction! 

1. You will receive a first automatic email which contains the proforma invoice with the lots you won during the auction and the auction & shipping fees. We usually arrange the sending of the proforma invoices at the latest three days after the last day of auction.

2. At the same time, you will receive a second automatic email (URGENT: EXPORT LICENCE) in which we ask you if you are interested in our export licence request service. If so, you will receive a new proforma invoice which contains the fee for this service indicated as Extra charges.  Please consider that if the proforma invoice is not paid (including the cost for the export licence request) we will not proceed with the request.
For more information about this service (cost & timing) you can check this link: https://www.gonnelli.it/uk/useful-information/permesso-di-esportazione.asp

3. We will take care of the export licence request on your behalf. Obtaining the necessary documents requires at least 40 days of waiting after the inspection by the Superintendence.

4. Once all the documents are released, we will send a third automatic email (EXPORT LICENCE READY) where we confirm you that we are ready to ship your purchase and we ask you to confirm your shipping address.

5. Entrusting the goods to the DHL or Fedex courier, you will receive a communication directly from the courier with the shipping number and the delivery date.

Attention: if you do not receive these communications or have ended up in Spam, as they are automatic sent from our system, please contact us at aste@gonnelli.it. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at aste@gonnelli.it.