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gio 15 NOVEMBRE -  ven 16 NOVEMBRE 2012
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Lotto composto di 45 volumi di letteratura straniera.

Shakespeare William, Shakespeare's histoires and poems, London, [s.d.], 2 volumi. The handy-volume Shakespeare, New York, [s.d.], 13 volumi. Swift JonathanGulliver's travels into several remote nations of the world, London, 1901, 1 volume. Perrault Charles, Tales of passed times, London, 1900, 1 volume. Fairy tales from the Arabian nights, London, 1899, 1 volume. The newcomes. Memories of a most respectable family, London, 1901, 1 volume. Dickens Charles, The posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club, London, 1903, 1 volume. Kipling Ruyard, Plain tales from the hills, London, 1918. Dickens Charles, Barnaby Rudge ..., London, 1903, 1 volume. Dickens Charles, The life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, London, 1904. Dickens Charles, Bleak House, London, 1906. Alighieri Dante, The divine comedy of Dante Alighieri, translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,  London, [s.d.], 3 volumi. Selected poems of Oscar Wilde ..., tenth edition,  London, [s.d.], 1 volume. Wilde Oscar, The picture of Dorian Gray, London, [1918], 1 volume. Andersen Hans Christian, Stories for the household, translated by H.W. dulcken, London, 1895, 1 volume. A sketch of the Battle of Waterloo ..., Bruxelles, 1836, 1 volume. Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage ..., Boston, 1887, 1 volume. Scott Walter, Marmion, Boston, 1886, 1 volume. Scott Walter, Ivanhoe, London, 1901, 1 volume. Hemingway Ernest, A farewell to arms, Leipzig, [s.d.], 1 volume. De Musset Alfred, Poésies nouvelles, 1836-1852, Paris, 1881, 1 volume. De Musset Alfred, Premières poésies, 1829-1835, Paris, 1881, 1 volume. Sterne Laurence, Voyage sentimental de Sterne, suivi de Lettres d'Yorick a Elisa, traduction nouvelle par Pauline Crassous, Paris, 1801, 3 volumi. Shakespeare William, The comedies of Shakespeare, London, 1903, 1 volume, Shakespeare William, The tragedies of Shakespeare, London, 1903, 1 volume. Shakespeare William, Histories poems & sonnets, London, 1903, 1 volume. Goethe's Gedichte, Berlin, 1877, 1 volume. Goethe Johann Wolfgang, Die Leiden bes jungen Werther, Leipzig, 1834, 1 volume.


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