Gonnelli Editions

Gonnelli Editions - Gonnelli Editions
In the late 1800’s Libreria Gonnelli published works concerning the world of art, culture, and the bibliophile. For nearly 40 years Gonnelli published two very valuable collections: "Papyrologica Florentina" and "Documenti inediti di cultura toscana."  In addition to these collections, Gonnelli publishes catalogues relating to the exhibitions held in the Saletta of the Libreria and others of various subjects.

Gonnelli’s publications are divided into 5 series:

1. Documenti inediti di cultura toscana
2. Edizioni di opere varie
3. Collana grafica "Quaderni Gonnelli"
4. Papyrologica Florentina
5. Carteggi di Filologi